When the Great Lakes Are Your Boats

A few years ago, a group of Canadian anglers decided to try their hand at fishing the Great Lake of the U.S. with their boat rod holders.

“They’re the only thing you can use on the Great [Lake],” says Dave O’Leary, an instructor with the Canadian Marine Fishery Association.

“It’s the only one we’ve had experience with.”

O’Connor, a fisherman with a Canadian fishing license for 15 years, is not the only angler with a rod holder.

But O’Heahey says he has seen more rod holders in the last decade than he could count.

He’s used his boat for everything from angling on the beach to catching lobsters off the boat.

And he says he’s found his boat to be an ideal solution for recreational anglers who don’t have access to a traditional boat, like his father.

The rod holder was invented in the 1980s, says O’Sheahey, and since then, more and more anglers are using them.

“You can’t find one that’s been around that long,” he says.

The device, which costs about $1,200, comes with a variety of attachments and a small metal ball that attaches to the end of a line.

The ball also has a small hook that is used to hang it on the end.

Rod holders are often used by anglers to fish for crustaceans, fish for whales, and even catch salmon.

But for recreational fishers, there are other uses.

Rods can be used for snorkeling, which O’Reilly says can be very fun.

“A lot of times the snorkelers use the rod to get out of the water, and the fishermen use it to get back in the water,” he explains.

The rod holders can also be used as a deterrent for sharks and other predators. “

There’s a lot of people out there who are just out there for fun and just fishing for crustacea.”

The rod holders can also be used as a deterrent for sharks and other predators.

“When you have a rod, you don’t want to put it out into a big ocean or into the deep ocean,” says O, who has used one of his rods for his son’s fishing trip.

“I think people need to know that we’re a part of nature and that we can protect ourselves and our fish.”

Sponsorship Levels and Benefits

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