5 reasons why people in the Philippines love big boats

People love big, fat boats, according to a new study published in the journal Scientific Reports.

A whopping 82% of respondents surveyed in Indonesia, the Philippines, and India rated them highly, and 78% said they “deserve” them.

In China, 78% of people agreed.

In Indonesia, “small boats” were the most commonly mentioned descriptor, followed by “medium-sized,” and “big” boats.

“Small boats are better for taking small fishing gear, like nets and bait, to the bottom,” the authors write.

“However, the biggest drawback to small boats is the price tag, which is expensive compared to the bigger boats.”

People in the Southeast Asian country also cited cost and size as their biggest concerns, while the Philippines was rated the least expensive.

People in Indonesia also rated smaller boats as “better” than larger boats.

In Indonesia, people were more likely to cite the cost as a primary reason for not buying a big boat.

In the Philippines and India, those figures were reversed.

In both countries, people said they would buy a big or small boat, but that the cost was more important.

“The most important thing is the comfort, and how easy it is to transport, load and take on the water,” said Ejaz Aboog, a student at Singapore University of Technology in Singapore who participated in the study.

The study was funded by Singapore’s National Science Foundation (NSF), Singapore’s Institute of Science and Technology (IST) and the Singapore Government.

The authors also noted that smaller boats can be “very cheap” compared to bigger ones.

“If you want to travel around the world on a small boat and have the luxury of not having to rent a big vessel, you can do that for less,” Aboge told Business Insider.

“There are a lot of smaller boats that are cheaper, which makes it easy for people to take them.”

Small boats can also be more practical for larger vessels, such as fishing boats.

They are cheaper to transport and have a wider area to move, Abogos said.

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